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The Aim and Gist of New Sodo Erection

Human beings have been undergoing a revolutional change by modern civilization and the speedy progress of technology since the beginning of the 20th century.

However, at the same time, seeking wealth and pleasure of human life has invited the destroying of nature, deteriorating of the global environment, collapsing of education, increasing vicious crime. In addition, we are now facing on a new crisis of human devastation as a result of hostility between mutual races and religions.

True peace and happiness of human mind should be created by a right teaching and its practice. Modern people who are suffering from disharmony between material civilization and spiritual culture could take back the harmony and ease of mind only when depending on the right religion and its right practice. Accordingly, I have wished an erection of Sodo (Practice Hall) which can revival to embody a teaching based on Bendo-Ho (How to practice) by Dogen Zen Master in the 13th century, transmitted properly from the age of Buddha.

Fortunately, I’ve got a land donation by one who approves of this aim. That is a magnificient view’s height looking up at the sacred Mount Chokai. I wish to devote myself so that men and women of all ages, including monks, can hold hands together to practice together here beyond each national borders and obtain a recovery of true humanity, world peace and enhancement of human well-being.

Joko Sato

Chokai-san International Zendo