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Calling for Zazen
Chokai-san International Zendo is located in a spot with a fine view of Mt Chokai.
Regardless of whether one has Buddhist religious experience or not, it welcomes any person who wishes to share the practices of a traditional Zen temple, including meditation (zazen), sutra chanting, formaI temple meals and daily work.

The practices and life in the temple spiritually follow the original Soto-zen teaching, that is, Eihei Pure Standards by Dogen Zen Master : all activities in life are essentially seen as zazen. For most activities, English explanation is offered for the non-Japanese practitioner.

Master Dogen
The objective of the foundation is the complete revival and reestablishment of the practice described by Dogen Zen Master, who brought Zen to Japan in the 13th century. Away from the stress and strains of every day, the life in CIZ should be an excellent refreshing and purifying experience bringing peace of mind.

ln deciding what clothes to bring, it is preferable to have different clothes for sitting zazen and for work : clothes for zazen should be loose-fitting, those for work should be comfortable for movement. The charge for meals and lodging is whatever you think appropriate.
Chokai-san International Zendo