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Joko Sato
Brief Background of Joko Sato

I was born at Kokenj Temple in 1953.
After graduation from Waseda University in Tokyo,I studied at Eiheiji Monastery for two years.

Then I practiced in Shizuoka prefecture in the south of Tokyo as an attendant of Kojun Noiri Roshi who used to be a teacher of Genzo-e(an yearly intensive lecture of Shobogenzo in Eiheiji Monastery).

The Teaching
In 1993,I became an abbot of Kokenji to follow my father.
At the same time, I vowed the erection of International Zendo to reestablish and revive the practice closely advocated by Dogen Zen Master who brought Zen to Japan in the 13th century.

Teacher's Room
In 2000, I actually got
started with Takuhatsu (asking for contributions) to raise the funds across the whole country.

The buildings finally completed in 2006, since then I've got more and more foreign students here to practice from Western countries.

At the moment, networking with Zen associations of Germany, France, USA and so forth is expanding.

Sitting zazen outdoors is sometimes possible, facing Mount Chokai.
Chokai-san International Zendo